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My blog has moved

Dimanche, septembre 16th, 2007

After more than a month of frustrating access problems with free.fr, I’ve finally decided to move to wordpress.com:
It’s still under work, I’m still updating the links on the right panel (grr.. they are in the blogroll but do not show up) and fixing things here and there. But all is functional.
This new place will be […]

On the relationship between developpers and their userbase.

Vendredi, septembre 14th, 2007

I am userbase, as basic as you can ever imagine. I do not code, I do not perform fancy fixes on bugs, I use my ubuntu desktop for what it is: a desktop. No eye-candy killer machine, no extreme gaming zone, no kernel compiler, no network and hacking gear.
I barely maintain a blog, I do […]

Do you use a wireless connection? Please contribute to WiFix.

Mardi, septembre 11th, 2007

You can help a new project started by bmartin on UF. From PMs we exchanged and the Dev-Link thread he created, the idea is to come up with a universal WiFi installer, that will automatically detect and install wireless drivers for a variety of wireless cards. They are currently building up a database of wireless […]

New sub-forum on UF: Community Cafe Games

Mercredi, septembre 5th, 2007

All the word-number-picture games on UF have their own sub-forum now: Community Cafe Games. This will help not having the game threads cluttering the Cafe, and allow to have more fun going on. Some of the Cafe and Backyard discussions can be heavy, controversial and heated. This area is for fun stuff only, thanks u-g […]

Women in Technology

Mardi, septembre 4th, 2007

An O’Reilly series of articles on women in Tech, written by women, during the month of September. Looking forward to reading them. I’ll link them here as they come.
Thanks Liz for sharing this on a LinuxChix mailing list :)

Social Engineering by Leslie Hawthorne
A Fifty Year Wave of Change by Maria Klawe
Be a Part of Influencing […]

More Epiphany Extensions

Mardi, septembre 4th, 2007

Unofficial Extensions were already available for Epiphany. Third Party Extensions are now available. One that was not present in the Unofficial Extensions page and that I’m going to test: Confirm Window Close.
Epiphany Blog

Two interesting readings related to Women in FOSS

Dimanche, septembre 2nd, 2007

“No, I Need Mr. Caitlyn”Sometimes, I wonder in what kind of world I’m living. Thanks Stemp for emailing me with this link.
How not to be an asshole: a guide for menThis one, I got some time ago from Sarah Hobbs in a ubuntu-marketing mailing list discussion.

So, watcha think?

Fun “Programming Talk”

Jeudi, août 30th, 2007

I cannot code a single line. So I’m always amazed by certain (sometimes heated) discussions going on in the Programming Talk section on UF.
Here is a real fun thread: “Hello Ubuntu” in every programming language.
Enjoy and contribute, just for the fun of it!

Xfce Goodies project

Mercredi, août 29th, 2007

Xfce long-time users may already know the Xfce Goodies Project, but I just came across it looking for some plugins. Browse through the panel plugins, lots of interesting stuff to get. I installed xfce4-cpufreq-plugin, xfce4-sensors-plugin and xfce4-weather-plugin with aptitude, they are in the Ubuntu repositories, some in universe. All the other items are in the […]

1,229,180 people registered in Launchpad

Vendredi, août 24th, 2007

I was looking for the number of people registered in Launchpad the other day. Quite impressive!

When I’m at it, LP has a blog: http://news.launchpad.net/

Sign and encrypt mail with Thunderbird (enigmail)

Mardi, août 14th, 2007

Well, I had decided to give Thunderbird a go after I installed gutsy. I had never tried it actually, only to get my univ mails on a Windows box at work. This entry is to document an error I had, with the fix.
To create and manage gpg keys, please check here. So I’ll assume you […]

Aptitude: actions upgrade and dist-upgrades are deprecated

Mardi, août 14th, 2007

Version from the gutsy repositories (aptitude has shown some changes. One of them is the replacement of upgrade with safe-upgrade and dist-upgrade with full-upgrade. From man aptitude:
Upgrades installed packages to their most recent version. Installed

Warty, Hoary, Breezy: repositories for Ubuntu obsolete versions

Mardi, août 7th, 2007

Feeling nostalgic? Want to keep your unsupported version of Ubuntu? No way for you to upgrade for some reason? The packages for obsolete Ubuntu releases have been removed from the mirrors. But you can still get them from old-releases.ubuntu.com ;-)


Rescubuntu, a data recovery toolkit

Mardi, août 7th, 2007

Sorry Az for stealing your thread title :)
Rescubuntu is a Ubuntu-based live CD with forensic tools for data recovery.
Nice, downloading as I write.

The Automatix tool on Ubuntu: Christer Edwards has a very constructive approach :)

Mardi, août 7th, 2007

So there was quite some emotion when I was on vacations. Matthew Garrett has published a detailed review of the Automatix tool issues on behalf of the Technical Board. I’m not going to comment all the issues with Automatix, how Feisty has made easy for the beginner to install codecs and other packages not directly […]

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