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Fun “Programming Talk”

I cannot code a single line. So I’m always amazed by certain (sometimes heated) discussions going on in the Programming Talk section on UF.
Here is a real fun thread: “Hello Ubuntu” in every programming language.
Enjoy and contribute, just for the fun of it!

5 Responses to “Fun “Programming Talk””

  1. Clem Says:

    The thread “Hello Ubuntu” reveals the power of python, 1 line of code and it’s ready, wow !
    Compared to python, java is an awful amount of useless code …

    (sorry for the troll, bap ;) )

  2. K.Mandla Says:

    That was cool! I think LOLCode was my favorite. If If it were possible to install that, I might start learning to program again.

  3. bapoumba Says:

    I did look for LOLCode yesterday, it’s really fun.

    But wow, are proprietary companies getting their hands on it? :D

    Wandering on the intatubes, I ran into LOLCats language. And that’s another big laugh ahead:

    I really think we need to start a Ubuntu LOLCat localization! (remember the Tagada script?)

  4. HymnToLife Says:

    Actually, the whole LOLCode and LOLCat stuff started from here (a HUGE laugh ahead !) :


  5. Stemp Says:

    I added PL/1 :D
    First line of PL/1 code since 15 years…

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