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Hi, I’m Linux ;-D

Well, once again thanks to my friend Stemp, I came across this great add Novel people have made up during BrainShare Conference this week.
You can have it directly in .mpg or .ogg and read more on Ted Haeger blog post.


All in all, it’s a balance that we hope to have struck right: representing Linux
as sexy and confident, while avoiding sexual cliches that are degrading to women.

Some more videos to come :)

edit: second video is out, .mpg and .ogg
“I’ll probably wear this for the next 6 or 7 years :D”

edit n°2: third video .mpg and .ogg
“I could not help myself” ;-D

Very neatly done!

7 Responses to “Hi, I’m Linux ;-D”

  1. Catherine Devlin Says:

    Now what I’m wondering is whether each model/actor/actress used actually knows/uses the OS he/she is supposed to be associated with…

  2. bapoumba Says:

    I’m sure not :D
    That’s the whole thing with commercial adds. Now, I liked the idea of this particular add.

  3. Adrimaxi Says:

    Plutôt cool cette pub!

  4. K.Mandla Says:

    I’ve been waiting a while for someone to do commercials like that. :D I think I liked the second one better.

  5. bapoumba Says:

    Me too, K.Mandla :)
    I think they had a really neat idea.
    Let’s see what the third one will be like.

  6. silke Says:

    Thanks for the links! In my opinion the second one has the better joke, but it deals exactly with an old cliche of women going shopping all the time and loving more or less superfluent accessories for what they look like…

  7. bapoumba Says:

    @ silke, my reading of the second one is a little bit different. The Linux character (the woman) gets nice outfits from other people (the whole community that develops and maintain Linux).

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