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Ubuntu bug #2 ? [en]

Or bug in Linux in general ? or bug in society ? We should think about it. There are so few women in the Ubuntu community, in Linux communities, in some areas of our society, such as science and technology. What would be the best answer ?
This idea comes from yugo, answering one of my posts in the french speaking ubuntu forum (linked under Ubuntu, right panel) . Smart idea :)

Ubuntuforums.org has a women section, in order to promote ubuntu-women. This was a good idea, along with the staff being efficient in removing sexists comments always popping up whenever a thread talks about women. All of this helps women feel comfortable in this community.
I think time will change mentalities, but only if we want it and work on it, all together.

Please see http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=321626

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